Advantages of Basement Renovations

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Basement Renovations Don’t Bother You (as much)

The great things about basement renovations is that they make the least amount of impact on the rest of the home. It’s difficult to do an addition on the home in the middle of winter, because you have to open up a lot of doors and windows to let the dust out. But from the homeowners perspective, the basement renovation is the least intrusive on your living space. At the end of the day, someone can be working in the basement and have no impact on the living room or bedroom or any other part of the house.

The Most Cost Effective

The basement renovation is also the most cost effective way of adding living space to your house. You’ve already got the floor and the perimeter walls there, the ceilings are already there, so all you’re doing is putting walls in, and then adding the finishing carpentry. From a cost effective perspective, doing a basement renovation as opposed to doing an addition to your home, a basement renovation will cost you far less per square foot. You don’t need a foundation, a roof, or exterior walls. Now, that’s not to say we don’t do additions – I typically always have an addition on the go.

We’ve done a lot of play areas in basements, usually 1 or 2 bedrooms depending on the side, and some decent storage. Of course we really can do a wide variety of installations including home theatre rooms.

Continuity With The Rest Of The House

Our main objective when we do a basement renovation (or any renovation) is to keep continuity with the rest of the house. We want to make sure that we match doors, floors, baseboards and window trim match with what’s upstairs. This is so when someone comes downstairs, it still looks like the continuation of the home and doesn’t stand out as something that was added after the fact.

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