The 2 Must-Haves For Hiring A Custom Renovations Contractor

Posted on: May 8th, 2013 by DaveDayka No Comments

Choosing Your Renovations Contractor

I’ve met some people who made the mistake of thinking that just because you don’t have to build four walls and a roof to start a renovation (they’re already there), the process would be much easier.  But what usually happens early in the planning process is that they realize that there are too many people to hire and too many variables to keep track of, so they decide to hire a renovation contractor.

That then begs the question, what sort of things should you look when hiring a company to complete the custom renovations in your home?  I consider there to be two “must-haves” when considering who to do your renovations.

Number 1: Longevity

Our renovations company isn’t run out of the back seat of the pickup truck.  A good contractor can prove that they have longevity, so that you know that if you have a problem, you can always pick up the phone and find the original company to help you.  There’s nothing worse than hiring a tradesperson to do a job, only to find out 6 months or a year later that it was done improperly and now you have a serious mould problem.  The worst case scenario is when all of this happens, and the tradesperson isn’t even in the business anymore.  At Classic Craft, we’ve been doing custom home renovations since 1989 – and we’re not going anywhere.  We’re always around to help you with anything you need. That brings me to the second thing.

Number 2: Warranty

When looking for a renovations company or a custom renovations contractor, take a look at their warranty.  Since we’re a part of the Renomark program we are obligated to offer warranty on all of our work for two years. This is not just the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with many of the products that you might buy, like a shower or a faucet.   We offer a two year warranty on the renovation; that includes a squeaky floor or a door that stops fitting. At Classic Craft, we think its super important that when you build a home or do a renovation, you have peace of mind that its quality work and will always be fixed.

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