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Advantages of Basement Renovations

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Basement Renovations Don’t Bother You (as much)

The great things about basement renovations is that they make the least amount of impact on the rest of the home. It’s difficult to do an addition on the home in the middle of winter, because you have to open up a lot of doors and windows to let the dust out. But from the homeowners perspective, the basement renovation is the least intrusive on your living space. At the end of the day, someone can be working in the basement and have no impact on the living room or bedroom or any other part of the house.

The Most Cost Effective

The basement renovation is also the most cost effective way of adding living space to your house. You’ve already got the floor and the perimeter walls there, the ceilings are already there, so all you’re doing is putting walls in, and then adding the finishing carpentry. From a cost effective perspective, doing a basement renovation as opposed to doing an addition to your home, a basement renovation will cost you far less per square foot. You don’t need a foundation, a roof, or exterior walls. Now, that’s not to say we don’t do additions – I typically always have an addition on the go.

We’ve done a lot of play areas in basements, usually 1 or 2 bedrooms depending on the side, and some decent storage. Of course we really can do a wide variety of installations including home theatre rooms.

Continuity With The Rest Of The House

Our main objective when we do a basement renovation (or any renovation) is to keep continuity with the rest of the house. We want to make sure that we match doors, floors, baseboards and window trim match with what’s upstairs. This is so when someone comes downstairs, it still looks like the continuation of the home and doesn’t stand out as something that was added after the fact.

What to Look For In A Bathroom Renovation

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Showcase Your Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are similar to kitchens: you wanted updated functionality, good fixtures and good storage. When you go into the bathroom and it has nice tile floor, and that tile ties in with nice tiles in the shower, nice cabinets and granite counter tops. It looks impressive and makes a huge difference.

Bathtubs vs Showers

Typically when we do a bathroom renovation, we’re hardly putting in bathtubs anymore. This is mostly because people typically already have 2 or 3 bathtubs in the house already. This especially goes for bathroom renovations in basements. People are typically moving towards a steam shower – a sealed shower with tile on the floor and walls and ceiling. It looks awesome and its all enclosed to keep the steam in.

Sleek Yet Functional

As with kitchens, customers love it when granite counter tops are installed with their bathroom renovations. The reason for this is twofold. First its extremely durable. You can cut on it with a knife and it won’t leave any marks. Second, its a maintenance free product. It will probably last the life of the home. You’d probably have to drop a sledge hammer on it to break it.

3 Advantages Of A Kitchen Renovation

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Why that Kitchen Renovation Is Worth It


1.Increased Functionality

Typically when you do a kitchen renovation the house is dated. If they were built 25 years ago or more, the kitchens were not exactly built functional. So for example, the storage place was not exactly ideal. So by installing a new configuration and new cabinets, you’re really going to change the functionality of the kitchen by increasing the storage capacity.

2.Decrease Sound, Save On Power

Appliances today are a lot different than they used to be. They offer a lot of features, they’re energy efficient, and they’re quiet. Gone are the days when you have to turn up the TV volume by 75% just to hear it over the dishwasher. And with the price of power going up, renovating your kitchen will help save dollars on the power bill.

3.Wow Everybody

When you walk into a kitchen with brand new granite countertops, nice kitchen faucets, beautiful cabinets with under cabinet lighting, it has a really high wow factor. When someone spends significant amount of money on a kitchen renovation, they want to be proud of that. When people come over, they want people to say “Hey, this is a beautiful job you’ve had done here,” and they do.

Red Flags Of When Hiring A Renovations Contractor

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Choosing Renovations Contractors In The Dark

One of the hardest things when hiring a renovations contractor is knowing that you’re getting a fair deal and that the renovations contractor will follow through on their obligations. But unless one is considering a contractor based on a referral from a friend or a colleague, often times people have nothing to go on, which at best can leave them feeling apprehensive and at worst end in a bad renovation job.
At Classic Craft, we’ve been doing Calgary renovations since 1989 and we’ve been able to identify a couple of red flags that you should watch out for when hiring a renovations contractor.

1. Payment Up Front

Look for the first red flag when negotiating the payment schedule. A fair amount may range between 10-15% upfront, with various increments along the way for the remainder. What you want to watch out for is when a renovations company asks for 50% upfront. If you have no prior experience with this person, there’s no guarantee that the work will even be completed at this point. We consider being asked to hand over half of the project amount before the job as even commenced to be shaky business.

2. Longevity

Simply put, the amount of time that someone has in business says a lot about the stability of the company. We’ve been in Calgary doing renovations for ages, and we’re not planning on packing up any time soon. If the contractor your considering doesn’t have that sort of reputation, there’s no guarantee that they will be around in a year if anything goes wrong, or that they will see the project through to the end. Say for example the contractor runs out of money half way through the project. Then all of a sudden they are not phoning you back and avoiding contact, simply because they don’t have the resources to finish the job. It’s a major red flag.

The 2 Must-Haves For Hiring A Custom Renovations Contractor

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Choosing Your Renovations Contractor

I’ve met some people who made the mistake of thinking that just because you don’t have to build four walls and a roof to start a renovation (they’re already there), the process would be much easier.  But what usually happens early in the planning process is that they realize that there are too many people to hire and too many variables to keep track of, so they decide to hire a renovation contractor.

That then begs the question, what sort of things should you look when hiring a company to complete the custom renovations in your home?  I consider there to be two “must-haves” when considering who to do your renovations.

Number 1: Longevity

Our renovations company isn’t run out of the back seat of the pickup truck.  A good contractor can prove that they have longevity, so that you know that if you have a problem, you can always pick up the phone and find the original company to help you.  There’s nothing worse than hiring a tradesperson to do a job, only to find out 6 months or a year later that it was done improperly and now you have a serious mould problem.  The worst case scenario is when all of this happens, and the tradesperson isn’t even in the business anymore.  At Classic Craft, we’ve been doing custom home renovations since 1989 – and we’re not going anywhere.  We’re always around to help you with anything you need. That brings me to the second thing.

Number 2: Warranty

When looking for a renovations company or a custom renovations contractor, take a look at their warranty.  Since we’re a part of the Renomark program we are obligated to offer warranty on all of our work for two years. This is not just the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with many of the products that you might buy, like a shower or a faucet.   We offer a two year warranty on the renovation; that includes a squeaky floor or a door that stops fitting. At Classic Craft, we think its super important that when you build a home or do a renovation, you have peace of mind that its quality work and will always be fixed.