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What to Look For In A Bathroom Renovation

Posted on: May 8th, 2013 by DaveDayka No Comments

Showcase Your Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are similar to kitchens: you wanted updated functionality, good fixtures and good storage. When you go into the bathroom and it has nice tile floor, and that tile ties in with nice tiles in the shower, nice cabinets and granite counter tops. It looks impressive and makes a huge difference.

Bathtubs vs Showers

Typically when we do a bathroom renovation, we’re hardly putting in bathtubs anymore. This is mostly because people typically already have 2 or 3 bathtubs in the house already. This especially goes for bathroom renovations in basements. People are typically moving towards a steam shower – a sealed shower with tile on the floor and walls and ceiling. It looks awesome and its all enclosed to keep the steam in.

Sleek Yet Functional

As with kitchens, customers love it when granite counter tops are installed with their bathroom renovations. The reason for this is twofold. First its extremely durable. You can cut on it with a knife and it won’t leave any marks. Second, its a maintenance free product. It will probably last the life of the home. You’d probably have to drop a sledge hammer on it to break it.

3 Advantages Of A Kitchen Renovation

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Why that Kitchen Renovation Is Worth It


1.Increased Functionality

Typically when you do a kitchen renovation the house is dated. If they were built 25 years ago or more, the kitchens were not exactly built functional. So for example, the storage place was not exactly ideal. So by installing a new configuration and new cabinets, you’re really going to change the functionality of the kitchen by increasing the storage capacity.

2.Decrease Sound, Save On Power

Appliances today are a lot different than they used to be. They offer a lot of features, they’re energy efficient, and they’re quiet. Gone are the days when you have to turn up the TV volume by 75% just to hear it over the dishwasher. And with the price of power going up, renovating your kitchen will help save dollars on the power bill.

3.Wow Everybody

When you walk into a kitchen with brand new granite countertops, nice kitchen faucets, beautiful cabinets with under cabinet lighting, it has a really high wow factor. When someone spends significant amount of money on a kitchen renovation, they want to be proud of that. When people come over, they want people to say “Hey, this is a beautiful job you’ve had done here,” and they do.

The 10 reasons why you should hire a Renomark program member

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by Frank Dayka 3 Comments

Here is a situation that was told to me that has “Hire a RenomarkTM renovation member” written all over it….

Our company received a distress call one day. A family had unknowingly hired an unaccredited individual to install a bathroom into the basement of their home as he had indicated that this was well within his capabilities.The couple were uncomfortable when they were asked for 50 % of the up front quoted cost to purchase materials but granted the down payment anyway and were happy to complete the final instalment when their new bathroom was complete.

After a short time had passed, they noticed something irregular in their bathroom – black mould was growing on the walls! Not certain how to trouble shoot the problem, the home owner tried his luck by removing the bathroom drywall and noticed straight away that the shower had been leaking. The home owner asked me if I could come and help to assess the damages. I dropped by as soon as I could, took one look at the workmanship and could think of nothing else to say but “what a mess”!

The problems were numerous:

  • There was insufficient framing to support the drywall.
  • The wrong drywall was used.
  • The membrane was not installed properly.

To sum it up, it was difficult to find something that was done properly. Unfortunately for the homeowners who had paid thousands of dollars for their bathroom renovation – the entire job needed to be pulled out and redone. The home owner indicated they could not pay to have the job redone, and of course the person who did the job did not return their phone calls.
This is an all too common situation where people who do not hire credentialed individuals who guarantee their work in writing get stuck with an unsatisfactory end result and no recourse for action.

I feel badly for these folks, and as a Renomark member, do my best to educate the public on the reasons why anyone who is doing a renovation should hire a RenomarkTM program member. In the end, the hope is to wean out the fly by night renovators who do not stand behind their work.

If you want peace of mind in hiring a trustworthy company that guarantees their work, then you’ll enjoy reading

The top 10 reasons why you should hire a Renomark  member:

  1. As a RenoMarkTM member, we believe in professionalism. We are committed to the business and the industry. We pay annual dues and keep up-to-date on industry trends that help us to educate potential consumers.
  2. We have legitimate business licences. We are not part of an underground economy of renovators who avoid paying taxes and operate “fly-by-night” and “cash only” businesses.
  3. Our participation in the Renomark program provides us with information and education that we pass on to our customers. We are the first to know about changes in building codes, municipal requirements & health and safety regulations. This knowledge can help you to avoid disappointment by letting you know what you can and can not do in a timely fashion.
  4. We are aware of the latest and greatest! We keep  in touch with manufacturers, suppliers, and experienced sub-contractors. so we can tell you what’s new and where to get it.
  5. Working with a RenomarkTM member means that you can have peace of mind knowing that you will get a fair and honest quote for your project and reliable start and finish dates. We keep communication flowing with our clients and ensure that you are 100% satisfied every step of the way.
  6. All RenoMarkTM members comply with the association’s general code of ethics applicable to all members plus a renovation-specific code of conduct. It’s all about integrity. We treat our associates as we would want to be treated and we deal fairly with our sub-contractors and employees.
  7. We offer a wealth of advice. From the design stage through to completion, we can give you the technical advice you need to achieve designs you may not have thought possible. Our goal is to make your dream home or renovation a reality.
  8. We ensure all the little things are tended to.  Renomark TM program members  ensure that all sub-contractors have Workers Compensation Board coverage and that necessary approvals and permits are in place.  We get the  insurance in place that we need for every job and have it on hand for you to review on demand.
  9. We offer you  a warranty. We offer you an up front  warranty in writing on the work we do for you. Under the table deals leave you no recourse – so make sure your renovator spells it out on paper. We’ll even give you a written list of referrals so you can check on their performance and expertise.
  10. We are also part of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Calgary Region – a crucial first step in knowing that you’ve hired a professional.